The Friends of Ethiopia Diaspora Trust Fund (FEDTF) is organized in accordance with the Delaware General Corporation Law. The FEDTF is a not-for-profit organization. All of the money donated to FEDTF will be used exclusively to pursue the organization’s objectives and to keep it in proper operation with maximum accountability and transparency.



The FEDTF Board of Directors is the governance body. It comprises of ten (10) persons* drawn from the Diaspora and Civil Society. Functions of the Board of Directors include:

  • Provide overall leadership and set the strategic direction, policy, oversight and accountability of the EDTF;
  • Appoint the EDTF Secretariat Executive Director (ED) and Deputy Executive Director of the EDTF
  • Approve an appropriate executive compensation for the EDTF Secretariat leadership, the Secretariat’s staffing and its annual budget;
  • Approve the EDTF Operational Manual detailing project submission procedures, formats, report submissions…etc. prepared by the Secretariat;
  • Review and approve project funding requests of Implementing Organizations;
  • Authorize the Trustee to release EDTF funds following approval of projects submitted by Implementation Organizations;
  • Establish appropriate Board Committees (Executive Committee, (Nominations and Governance Committee, Audit and Compliance Committee, …etc.) that will assist the Board to function smoothly and ensure proper accountability;
  • Commission periodic reviews of the EDTF;
  • Secure the cooperation of Regional and appropriate Federal government organs for the efficient and smooth implementation of EDTF ‘s overall objectives and activities;
  • Liaise with the EDTF Advisory Council to support resource mobilization and advocacy efforts for the EDTF; and
  • Review and consult with the Advisory Council the case for opening up EDTF representative offices in other countries;
  • Adopt its own rules of procedure; and
  • Perform an annual evaluation the Executive Director


An 18-member EDTF Advisory Council is appointed by H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed with a global mandate. Its principal functions are:

  • Mobilize the Ethiopian Diaspora Community in the United Sates and globally to make financial contributions to the EDTF Account on a timely and sustained basis to ensure the realization of the EDTF objectives;
  • Authorize the Advisory Council’s Executive Committee to transfer contributed funds expeditiously and in a cost efficient manner to the EDTF Bank Account in Ethiopia in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 25 of the TERMS OF REFERENCE;
  • Strengthen the inclusiveness of the Advisory Council by expanding its membership to include Diaspora Ethiopians globally in other Regions;
  • Promote the establishment of EDTF Advisory Council chapters globally in cities and countries with significant presence of Ethiopians to increase the EDTFs outreach and resource mobilization;
  • Establish a mechanism for regular input from Diaspora Ethiopian communities globally to ensure their voices are heard in the establishment, operation and management of the Fund;
  • Serve as a discussion forum for the formulation of strategies for adequate resource development and funding of development projects within the mission framework of the EDTF;
  • Recommend to the EDTF Board of Directors activities of special interest to the global Diaspora Ethiopian Community that are consistent with the objectives and mission of the Fund;
  • Provide advice and counsel to the EDTF Board of Directors to improve the EDTF’s efficiency, effectiveness and transparency;
  • Undertake an annual review of project performance and effectiveness with the EDTF Board and develop best practices for future EDTF projects; and
  • Carry out an annual review of the general operations of the EDTF and recommend to the Prime Minister necessary changes and improvements.