The EDTF Secretariat

The EDTF Secretariat, which is headed by an Executive Director and initially includes a Programme Design Specialist and a Communication Specialist, started operations in Addis Ababa.

The Secretariat’s functions include:

  • Provide administrative, technical and management support to the Board of Directors;
  • Prepare the EDTF Operational Manual detailing project submission procedures, formats, report submissions…etc. for Board approval;
  • Undertake capacity assessment of Implementing Organizations and provide them support in proposal submissions;
  • Identify, review and submit project proposals for approval of the Board after ensuring EDTF requirements are met;
  • Prepare “Guidance Notes” to Implementing Organizations on project preparation, implementation, monitoring and reporting;
  • Monitor agreed procurement, recruitment and implementation, practices of Implementing Organizations;
  • Prepare Consolidated Quarterly and Annual EDTF Progress Reports based on reports received from Implementation Organizations for submission to the Board; and
  • Ensure timely summary postings of project information (project pipelines, approved projects, progress and evaluations reports, …etc.) on the EDTF website.


Executive Director

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Communication Specialist

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Programme Design Specialist

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