Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Policy on Chapter Operations Funding

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) Advisory Council (AC) performs its functions prescribed in the its Terms of Reference by approving and overseeing the operations of EDTF Chapters globally. EDTF Chapters are the link between Ethiopian Diaspora groups and the EDTF AC. Each EDTF Chapter reflects the specific situation, capacity and needs of Ethiopian Diaspora in different cities or countries. An EDTF Chapter represents a defined group of Ethiopian Diaspora belonging to a specific religious, professional, civic, social, city or country.

EDTF Chapters perform, among others, four vital functions:

1) Engaging the Local community and increasing public awareness of EDTF goals, objectives and programs through meetings as well as mass and social media and community institutions;

2) Expanding the support base for EDTF;

3) Mobilizing the local community for fundraising, and

4) Sponsoring special events on their own or in conjunction with other Chapters and other groups sharing EDTF objectives, after duly notifying the Advisory Council.

In pursuit of the foregoing vital functions, EDTF Chapters need financial resources and support to so as reduce the burden on personal contributions of Chapter members.

In furtherance of the support needs of the EDTF Chapters and to ensure a system of accountability and transparency, the EDTF AC has adopted the following policy on Chapter fundraising for Chapter Operations purposes.

I)  EDTF Chapters that raise funds for operational activities must request approval of the EDTF AC through the AC Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary, and in the alternative any AC member. The request must indicate the specific purpose(s) for the fund and the specific operational activities to be supported by the funds to be raised.

II) Following approval by the AC, the EDTF Treasurer will receive and deposit the Chapter Operations funds along with the established EDTF Operations account and release the funds based on a due diligent process for payments of approved activities.

III) Since the AC is funding the full set of EDTF costs including chapter support, various software and plugins for the proper functioning of the EDTF website, EDTF publications, marketing tools and other activities for the efficiency and benefit of the overall EDTF, 15% of the funds mobilized by the Chapters shall be allocated to the general EDTF Operations Account.