The EDTF Global Volunteers are the lifeblood of EDTF, organized in teams working under the direction of the EDTF Advisory Council.
The volunteers include:


Provide support for the formation of EDTF Chapters and ensure the consistent operations of approved EDTF Chapters following established standards and guidelines.

Abiot Tessema Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Dagne Assefa Atlanta, GA, USA
Robel Gibbe Silver Spring, MD, USA
Seifu Bekele Melbourne, Australia
Tezeta Shimelis London, UK
Tibebu Senbetta Gurnee, IL, USA
Yuliya Meskela Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Donors engagement, financial management, donors and donations records management including email and phone support to address donors questions and concerns.

Abraham Alemu Chicago, IL, USA
Altaywork Zeleke Washington DC, USA
Ananya Yilma Washington DC, USA
Berhan Kassa Chicago, IL, USA
Gashaw Dessie Seattle, WA, USA
Giffty Edossa Philadelphia, PA, USA
Henok Ejigu Denver, CO, USA
Hirut Tibebu Alexandria, VA, USA
Michael Yilma Raleigh-Durham, NC, USA
Nuria Adem North Carolina, USA
Sahlu Merine New York City, NY, USA
Selamawit Dimetros Minneapolis, MN, USA
Surafel Yilma Virginia, USA
Wubshet Ayele Philadelphia, PA, USA
Yeshi Mane Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA


Plan, design, deliver and manage key messages and content for the EDTF website and all social media platforms.

Abebe Natea Silver Spring, MD, USA
Wudasse Berke Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Financial management including auditing donation records and preparation of financial reports.

Solomon Seyoum Seattle, WA, USA
Takele Haile Virginia, USA


Design, create, produce and manage multimedia (print, graphics, audio, video) content for the EDTF website and all social media platforms.

Jomo Tariku Springfield, MD, USA
Tigist Kelkay Bayonne, NJ, USA


Recruiting potential volunteers, volunteers records management, on-boarding and placement of volunteers to EDTF initiative or support teams.

Alazar Feleke Washington DC, USA
Bruck Tadesse Helsinki, Finland
Dawit Alemayehu Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Edom Seifu Alexandria, VA, USA
Ghenno Senbetta Chicago, IL, USA
Gideon Meshesha Kansas City, MI, USA
Yetanyet Aberra Atlanta, GA, USA


Design, develop, implement and support the ethiopiatrustfund.org website and associated software platforms.

Araya Kebede McLean, VA, USA
Dejen Yemane USA
Kumlachew Woldemariam Springfield, MD, USA
Lemma Teferi Washington DC, USA
Michael Yemane Fairfax, VA, USA
Mike Endale Washington DC, USA

Thank you EDTF Volunteers.

If you are an EDTF Volunteer and you do not see your name listed above please email us at [email protected] so that we can include you.

If you wish to volunteer for EDTF, become a volunteer and join us to make a difference for the people in Ethiopia.