Hanna Atnafu

Communication Specialist

Hanna Atnafu is an enthusiastic corporate communicator with extensive leadership experience. She has over two decades of proficiency in Corporate Communications, Public Relations & Publications, Human Recourse Management, Ethiopian Aviation Academy and Customer Services.

Mrs. Atnafu’s deep intuition of Women Empowerment led her to come up with the acclaimed concept and implementation of the “all women managed Ethiopian Airlines (ET) flight’’. She managed the office of Employee Engagement, Gender Mainstreaming, Internal Communication and Corporate Culture, where she helped raise the concerns of female employees. She has also planted the first seed of the “New Year’s Donation” for the deprived ones in different schools and NGO’s by mobilizing the entire employees of ET which has now become an annual ET tradition.

Beyond her service in various positions at ET, her leadership skills were sought after by many which resulted in her work as General Manager and Board member of different philanthropic activities. Mrs. Atnafu was the recipient of African Travel 100 Women Award 2017, for her contribution to the tourism sector in Africa. After her BA degree in Organizational Management, she pursued her first Masters in Transformational Leadership and Change (MTLC) and her second Masters of Science (MSc) in Project Planning and Management.

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