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EDTF Progress Update

April 2023

Please watch the EDTF Progress Update video. If you wish to watch portions of the video by topic, you can pause the video and click on the “Show more” text in the description under the video frame and then click on the topic you wish to view.

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Working together to build a better Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) is a non-profit organization established to mobilize the global Diaspora community to raise funds for vital socioeconomic projects in Ethiopia. All donations are tax-deductible.


EDTF Projects Fund

The Projects Fund aims to finance projects that meet critical needs selected based on their potential to make sustainable long term highest positive impact on the Ethiopian people in need.

Active Projects

EDTF and Active Projects Overview
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Improving Children Learning Environment – GURMUU
Overview | View Details | View Video

Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities – HPD-O
Overview | View Details | View Videos ***NEW ***

Integrated Services for Orphans and Vulnerable Children – HIDO
Overview | View Details | View Videos ***NEW*** 

Water Supply for Hard-to-Reach Communities – PDN
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Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) – KGHCO
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Completed Initiatives

First round medical supplies worth 40 million+ Birr delivered – May 2020
Overview | View Details

Second round medical supplies worth 23 million+ Birr delivered – June 2020
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EDTF Funds Summary from 2018 to 31 March 2023

Projects Fund Amount
   Funds spent on projects $1,215,860
   Funds to be released for projects $3,398,491
   Funds available for future projects $2,500,552
Relief Fund
   Funds spent on relief $1,722,045
   Funds Available for relief $66,881