Roles of EDTF Chapter Coordinators

  1. EDTF Chapter Coordinators commit to be guided by the EDTF Terms of Reference and its guiding principles of transparency and accountability.
  2. Use the Open a Chapter form under the “Get Involved” menu to begin the process.
  3. Identify and list up to three “Coordinators” for your Group.
  4. Prepare a list of your Groups’ current and potential members and keep a list of members who have contributed to the EDTF.
  5. Encourage members who have not contributed to make contributions.
  6. If members, either contributors or non-contributors, have questions or concerns about the EDTF that you are not able to answer, email us at [email protected].

Role of EDTF Board Members

  1. Provide guidance to Chapters;
  2. Serve as resource, answer questions and provide assistance to Chapters; and
  3. Conduct periodic review of Chapter progress, accomplishments and challenges.