Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) Policy On Donor Subscriptions, Refunds, Cancellations and Erroneous Payments

This policy affirms current EDTF practice on donor subscriptions, refund requests, cancellations and erroneous payments.

The EDTF Terms of Reference (TOR), that is posted on the EDTF website, provides the EDTF rationale, objectives, guiding principles and operating procedures, including the EDTF’s governance, project approval, implementation, reporting monitoring and evaluation arrangements. Donors who make voluntary contributions to the EDTF accept all the provisions of the EDTF TOR.

Voluntary donations made by donors on the basis of the EDTF TOR are not eligible for refund once the donations are deposited in the EDTF Bank Account.

EDTF will refund donated funds in full and in a timely manner (minus the transaction fee charged by payment processors, which EDTF does not receive) any donation that has been made erroneously. Erroneous donations arise when donors who intended to donate a certain amount mistakenly donate a different amount by specifying a wrong amount or indicating the wrong box on the website.

EDTF will honor donor requests for cancellation of subscriptions or future donations that are to be paid in recurrent amounts in annual, monthly or other time frames.

By posting this policy on its website, EDTF is notifying donors of its policy on donor subscriptions, refund requests, cancellations and erroneous payments.

EDTF’s website and its associated payment processors will maintain record of donor subscription duration, beginning date, re-billing and end date.

The EDTF website provides donors ability to login and see the status and terms of their subscription and make any changes they desire, including modifying or canceling their subscriptions.

EDTF website home page provides information to donors on how to contact the EDTF Donor Support Team for any donation related issue.